Big money is not gonna buy an Indian Super League club

Bidding process for acquiring a city based franchise club in the upcoming Indian Super League (ISL) is out now but one thing which all interested bidders must keep in mind that merely having financial capabilities is not that enough to obtain a football team.
Organisers have laid out clearly the essential requirements which must be fulfilled in order to win a bid for a soccer team. According to the sources, bidders should have plans to operate a world-class standard football program in the locality where the city based team is located. Since, ISL aims at improving the standard of football in the country, the organizers do not wish to give away a club ownership just because of huge sum of money offered to them by the bidders. The bidding party is also responsible to operate high-standard football program in the local region to find and nourish best soccer talent.

Spending big amounts in players and managers salaries is not going to work for the club owners here because they have to follow strict guidelines of the league to focus on developing international standard football programs in their regions. Celebrities like SRK, John, S Ganguly, Dhoni and few I-League club owners have expressed interest in bidding for a football club.